Welcome to CGS Blinds of Whitstable. We have an inspirational collection of blind styles in masses of gorgeous fabrics, textures, colours and stylish twists.

We offer a comprehensive selection of different blind types including rollers, romans, metal & wood venetians, verticals, pleated and conservatory blinds.


Our range of made-to-measure blind styles in masses of gorgeous fabrics, textures, colours and stylish twists offered in a comprehensive selection of different blind types





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Blinded by the choice?

Our collection is a dazzling array of styles, fabrics, prints and colour. With so much choice can come confusion! Most blind types are very versatile but some are more suitable for particular rooms or situations. As most window dressings have to satisfy three key elements - privacy, practicality and personal style, it's a good idea to ask yourself a few questions before choosing.


What goes on in the room?

TV, computer, cooking, children? All will have an impact on how much light you want to come into the room or whether you need a window covering that works well in certain conditions.

Decide whether you want it for function or visual appeal. Perhaps you have a view you want to make the most of and therefore prefer a simple dressing like a roller blind that rolls up neatly out of the way. Alternatively, you may want to make a feature out of your window dressing with an attractive roman blind.


Is privacy essential?

If this is your number one priority then consider venetians or shutters as these will both allow plenty of light in but keep prying eyes out! The new trend for sheer fabrics will also have the same effect, like a modern net curtain during the daytime.


How much do you need to control the light?

Perhaps you need to keep a baby or a young child for asleep for longer, especially during the light summer months? In which case either a roller in a blackout fabric or a roman with a blackout lining are your best options. Verticals or venetians will allow you to control the light direction by adjusting the louvres.


Consider the shape and size of the window and which direction it faces.

You may have a lovely big bay in your living room or a beautiful but unusual shaped window in a kitchen or loft extension. Shape and size will have a bearing on which blind works best. Pleated blinds can be made to almost any triangular or rectangular shape and fabrics come with special insulating properties which also makes them perfect for north facing windows as well as a popular choice for conservatories and glass extensions. Shutters are a great solution in a bay window as they fit snugly into the recess and give a fabulous clean and uncluttered look that really draws attention to the window.

A simple vertical blind can also work with a curved or sloping headrail.

Do you have an attractive period window?

When you have lovely feature windows, it's often better to accentuate rather than dominate. Simple roller blinds or neat pleated blinds fitted inside the frame of the window itself are ideal.

Z-lite Roller
Z-lite Roller
Z-lite Roller
Z-lite Roller
Perfect Fit Blinds
Perfect Fit Blinds
Perfect Fit Blinds
Perfect Fit Blinds

Child Safety

Make-It-Safe-LogoWe are proud to support the Make it Child Safe campaign. We are committed to ensuring that free child safety devices are available for all blind cords and chains in homes where babies or young children live or visit.